Feeling Stuck?

You’re trying to get on, but something keeps getting in the way!

What’s getting in the way?  Is it:



Doing the busy stuff, not the important stuff?

You’ve seen another bright shiny new thing?

Answered Yes?  Let’s have a chat

Stop Stressing, Start Doing

This transformative FREE workshop is designed to soothe your stress and ignite your motivation.

Sick of feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and unable to take action?

Use this workshop to break free of stress and unlocking your true potential.

Imagine a life where stress no longer holds you back but becomes a catalyst for growth and achievement.

Incorporate the techniques into your daily routine and start the road to transformation. 

See yourself calmly tackling deadlines, confidently making decisions, and pursuing your passions with unwavering determination. 

Sign up today and unlock the power within you.


Helping you get the clarity, tools and direction to map your way ahead.

Book a call now to see how we will make your dream a reality.


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A Lighter Touch

Just looking for the strategies that work?

Let’s keep it simple and have a regular Strategy Call and you take care of the rest.


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Business Growth Meeting

Join my monthly EC Local Meeting in Lincoln.

A great place to meet other ambitious business owners and get Marketing Strategies to implement straight into your business.

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Why I know I can help you

I started my business over 15 years ago and during that time I have made mistakes big and small.

That knowledge has led me on to help other business owners by giving them clarity and tools to achieve their dreams.


Clarity on Why and How


A Roadmap to your Dream Goal


A Regular Flow of Customers


Tools and Direction that Work for You


A Plan for Future Growth

I take the time to get to know you and your business, assess both your strengths and weaknesses and then give you the tools and direction that work for you and your dreams.

How we will work together

When you are searching for a coach the most important thing is to ensure that you are a good fit for one another.

Why not book a chat and make sure that is us.

What’s the worst that will happen; you come away with ideas to implement after our call.

Client Feedback

An Awesome Coach


Lesley is an awesome business coach.

 A couple of sessions with her and I left both feeling the world was my oyster and she could teach me how to grab it.

Kerry Davies, Kerfuffle & Swish 

March 2022

Practical & Cuts Through the Preamble


Lesley brings a wealth of hands-on experience to helping you with your business.

We’ve worked closely together for the last 6 weeks and I now have the foundations on which to grow my HR Consultancy.

She is practical, and cuts through the preamble to get to the nugget of the point.

I would highly recommend for both start-up and established business success coaching.

Dawn Spear, Just Great HR.

May 2022

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