Meet Lesley

I can help you because I was you!

Here’s my story about how I found I could own a business AND have a life.

Why Me

That’s a good question.

I have worked with small businesses all my life. I started as a Hotel Manager in small individual hotels.

In the 90’s I went to hotels to make them profitable before they were sold on.

It was high pressure but fun and rewarding.

I started my business in the early 2000’s and built (literally) a Teashop into a thriving business.

I made many mistakes along the way, but believe that is what makes us stronger – as long as we learn and move on.

I can tell you I have been well and truely stuck in those weeds in the past, I can feel your pain and help you work through it.

It sounds so easy on paper but you have put blood, sweat and tears into your business.  Loosening your grip and moving forward is so much easier with someone by your side.

Who am I

A difficult question to answer but here are a few points to help you get to know me:

I live in the wonderful wilds of Lincolnshire, home a great Cathedral, the Red Arrows and lots of great big skies.

Although I like nothing more than a trip to the big city, I am definitely a country girl at heart.

My family mean the world to me.

Here I am with husband Martin, and son Matthew.

I love walking and running (my claim to fame is I ran the London Marathon in 2003 when Paula Radcliffe broke the record – I was a little behind her though!)

I love to challenge myself aswell as you, so you will often find me with my nose in a book.

Meet Lesley

Don’t expect me to always say what you want to hear, but I’ll always be on your side.

I’ll challenge you and have a big smile, but kick you up the bottom with my huge feet when you need it!

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